6 Trends to Ditch in 2020


Hello all. As a fashionista that is pro individuality and style, I am so against recycled and global trends that do the majority no favor. NO. We cannot level up wearing the same old anti-climatic trends. I do have to warn you that I will be salty and I just may crush some trends you learned to love. Hellur my name is Malgosia, it is 2020 and I have something to say – I am in the mood for roasting (Jasmine Masters would be so proud).

Leave Ugly Shoes Behind

I feel this trend propelled into fashion due to its fun, wackiness – and the Instagram influencers. All that excluding the actual appeal or attractiveness of it. To be honest, the ugly dad shoes shall remain just that – lets send it back to the 80s and make room for DIVIINE shoes this year.

Oversizing the Oversized

This trend was perfect for a specific body type, but the more oversized and round clothes get, the more strange it looks. I don’t know about you, but I really do not like the donut aesthetic – please nooo. It really goes straight to clownish.

Utility Jumpsuits

It’s unclear whether this style was inspired by pilots, mechanic or our beloved or garden keepers, but I think we should not commit career appropriation with these jumpsuits.

In-genuinely Grunge

Let’s face it, most of us probably have never listened to the band on the tee (except for those of us whose dads raised us on soft rock LOL). I think we should put this aesthetic to rest as the true grunge masses adore it to eternity.


I have a burning hate for corduroy – was it from the itchy pants I once owned or seeing it on strange city lurkers? I do not know. It’s a fabric that just simply looks musty. I was stunned that it creeped back into the fashion scene 👀. Let’s not invite moth balls into our wardrobes LOL.

Okay I am through with roasting, and it is YOUR turn. What trends do you want to see go? And did you like any trends I threw shade at? I am very very curious. Well now that I got my roasting off my chest, I am ready to live 2020 in the sunshine. I hope you can too, lets make our 2020 fashion and style next level.